Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wow i'm seriously...SO BLESSEDT____T
the Lord has put so many wonderful people around me
just got a msg from Kristine and she's so sweet;___;...feeling very thankful for those God has put around me♥
i completely don't deserve for You to love me so much but in Christ i have been given everything:)
Thank You Father!

i had a pretty terrible headache yesterday
somehow even though i prayed for hours this one was just so stubborn and refused to go away
that's a first since Harvest retreat in August
but thankfully it faded away today and i was able to do things as usual:)
more than ever, i think i can feel God's presence around me.
just constantly reminded that He's right here no matter where i go.
we always hear that God's omnipresent but don't truly know what that means i think
but it's def. very reassuring to be able to trust that He's right here with me♥

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