Thursday, November 12, 2009

tonight while driving to Bible study, i took the wrong exit (on Little River Turnpike instead exit 54) cause I thought that was the exit.
I kept driving since I thought that was ok, at first b/c I thought that was the exit, and then I thought I thought it was ok b/c it'll connect to Annandale and then I'll take 495 and get back on track. But after driving for like 15min, I realized there was no way this was right so I turned around. (I actually took the Fairfax exit so it wouldn't have connected to Annandale)

On one of the hills there was a red light so I stepped on the break to stop. But my car didn't stop. It was raining so the tires continued downward even though I floored the breaks.
I saw the car in front of me and I thought, "I am going to hit the back of that car. There's no way of avoiding it." I was going down relatively slowly but nevertheless I could not stop the car.
I prepared myself mentally for the crash then about a couple of inches before the impact my car suddenly stopped, fully.

Somehow my car stopped literally 5-inches from the car in front of me. First I gave thanks to God. I was shocked but thankful that the impact did not occur.
I probably should have known because recently while driving my tires were making terrible noises when I made big turns but I chose to ignore it. But this warning really gave my heart a jolt and while driving to the church and back home I was extra careful taking care to slow down well before the light.
I don't really have a conclusion for this besides what I have written for now.
Thank You Father, please help me to be more thankful!

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