Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Started reading "When I Don't Desire God" (only got through the forward haha:p)
Just reading the forward is enough to make me want to finish the book. I hope that the rest of the book would be just as good if not better:D!!

Usually I don't like reading books online, but the Desiring God ministry offers it for free in PDF format so I downloaded it HERE:)<--it's towards the bottom
It's actually pretty awesome how they offer pretty much all the things from Pastor Piper for free! I've been wanting to read this book for quite a while:)

"To be satisīŦed by the beauty of God does not come naturally to sinful people. By nature we get more pleasure from God’s gifts than from himself. Therefore this book calls for deep and radical change—which only God can give."
-John Piper

When I read this in the first paragraph I was like, wow that is me. Been feeling very dry lately and not running on God's grace, lacking patience and love for those around me, especially when my mom yells at me for little things at least five times a day. I wish she can just say it without yelling at me:( I can hear, you don't need to yell.
I really need to pray more!!

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