Tuesday, December 22, 2009


had a dream last night.
In my dream this loving couple got divorced. They looked like my aunt and uncle. It was so sad, my heart was broken and I could see the pain the split caused the couple. I remembered the dream when I woke up and prayed against it and asked Jesus to cover them and give them love and compassion for one another and for their eyes to see each other as Jesus sees them.

And now when I thought about it, I think God is showing me how much He hates divorce and the pain it causes Him. I also think that He is telling me that my father and mother are still suffering from the pain of divorce and they need inner healing.

When I read Ezekiel 3:20 today, I had no idea what God wanted me to say but I will try to talk to my dad tonight about this. I have no power for inner healing but Jesus does. Lord Jesus may Your Holy Spirit come!!

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