Thursday, December 3, 2009

I want to be baptized by the Holy Spirit!!

Got an email from my dad today wishing me happy bday:) Really excited to go back to Taiwan since I haven't gone since like 8+yrs ago. Please pray for me that by God's grace I may be able to evangelize to my family that they may be able to know Christ. I know 1.5 weeks is short but I believe in a God who holds the earth together, everything belongs to Him alone and nothing is impossible for Him. Jesus is an awesome God!! Lord may hearts be opened and Your truth spoken through Your Holy Spirit!

Please also pray for Pastor Cliff, Ken, and I in leading Bible study on Friday. Like the prayer of Pastor John Piper in "When I Don't Desire God":

"And may they be discerning so that, if I have blundered, they would be
sure to see the error and not follow me. Protect them from the evil
one who would distort and then deceive. Give great assistance from
your Spirit, and may they see more truth than I have seen. Oh, that
the eyes of their hearts might be bright with the glory of Christ
through these pages! Remove every blinding obstacle, and show
them your glory! And thus give them more joy than all the gladness
that the world can give. And by this joy in Jesus Christ, fit them to
love and serve and sacrifice. And by this joy, with which they bear
their cross, Lord, cause the earth to know what you are truly worth.
In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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