Friday, October 23, 2009

wow, starfield was AWESOME today!!!

first of all, we were so blessed to have the best and warmest weather in like two weeks, really thankful it wasn't rainy and cold like tomorrow will be!
we went a lil too early but it was good and got panera for dinner〜
we were literally the first people in line but somehow when they opened the doors all these other people got in in front of us..haha
then mia, grace, annette, jane, and some of their friends came too:D
there wasn't enough room so we couldn't all sit togetherT__T
it was still really good to see all of them though! esp. annette since God provided a job for her here so she won't have to go back hehe♥
but seriously, the best sisters are in Christ amen:D?

anyways, onto the band〜
the lead singer has such a beautiful voice♥
most of the people from our group got posters/whatever they could find from the walls lol and had them signed:) and of course photos too^^
great time of worship and it was awesome that the entire place was just FILLED with energy from the people just singing/shouting!
so glad they did an encore♥♥♥ i srsly heart that song♥

amazing band, worshiping the most amazing God:)

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