Monday, October 26, 2009

mustard seed performance at FACT (Filipino Americans Coming Together)
what an amazing performance!! it really took my breath away.
the dance performance was awesome and at the same time they were able to convey the message of the gospel clearly through their ministry.
i didn't think i'd cry watching this but what they were saying through the dance about  humanity was so true that you can't help but cry.
Just as P.Jong said,
"I personally know that MS takes every performance very seriously, often praying hours to make sure they are doing it in the strength of the Lord and for the glory of the Lord. They really consider it a dance ministry, not merely a dance crew...We simply cannot have any impact on others’ lives unless He is with us and anoints what we do. May he unleash his power in our lives in a fresh way as we pray and as we fall in love with our God as revealed in the Word."
It's all by Your power:)
Thank You Father.

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