Thursday, October 15, 2009

flipping through my old xanga entries i saw this entry from john's xanga site a couple years ago:

This highschool principal says it the best when describing teenagers.  
"Too many of today's children have straight teeth and crooked morals."

Isn't this quote so true?  If you don't think it is, turn on the news or go to a party and see what you see.  Too many of us are living with the wrong purposes in mind!  A popular saying by many of my friends is "Live for the moment."  What do I think about that quote?  It is a quote that is blinding this generation.  We as Christians are called to live for God and nothing else.  So a challenge I have for all of us "Christian teenagers" is to not live for the moment, but live to glorify God's name.  Turn away from pride, short term happiness, worldly things, and turn to God!  Then you will see what true happiness looks like!  We need to straighten out our morals on what is right and wrong.  This is something I really take to heart and I am not writing this entry to judge anyone, but to encourage you all to pursue true happiness.  I will end this entry with a quote from my youth pastor.  This quote has really challenged me and I hope it will challenge some of you guys also.

"Remember the ones God desires to use the most, he delights to break the most."

reading it again, it's still a very true and thought provoking msg.
let's not live for ourselves but instead according to His Words and for His glory
because having lived at one time for my own selfish purposes, i can honestly say living for Him is so so much better.

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