Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FINALLY watched slumdog today!
it's a really good movie, definitely:) even though some people said it was overrated because of the mega publicity it got, i loved it. i'm glad i didn't see any commercials for it(in my opinion commercials ruins all movies) so that def helped.
yeah the story revolves around a love story that was "destined" which is pretty trite. but the story in between is so well told. from the settings to the characters, beautiful storytelling.
i love that it's so different from all the other movies that are shown here. and seeing how much suffering there is in india, esp. for children, makes you wonder why there is such a difference in lifestyle between you and them. can we continue to live in such comfort when there are so many out there who are starving and have no place to sleep?
Lord Jesus use us to reveal Your glory, may You show Your love through us. that they may know Your love.

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