Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let Revival Come!!

There have been prophecies that there will be a revival in the DC area for a couple of years now and I just found out about it today.
I am so excited!! We live in an exciting place at an exciting time!!!
From observing the people around me, I can see that God moving. God is on the move!! Hallelujah:)
But we must continue praying fervently that revival will come to His people. Prophecies do not automatically mean reality. God's people must continue plowing the fields with prayer and one day, we will see its fruits. And it will be more amazing than we'd have ever imagined because our God pours out much more than we could ever think. He is a generous God and all things work together for the good of those who love Him:) Thank You awesome Jesus, You are really awesome.

I would like to have more healthy fear of You, and greater love & passion & wisdom in You! By Your grace and power working in me, I am worthy of all that You give because of Your Son. Thank You Father. Holy Spirit please help me to change to be more like Jesus! God I want more of You, please help me.

Gotta keep praying! Let Revival Come!!

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